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Benjamin Zimmer bgzimmer at RCI.RUTGERS.EDU
Tue Oct 4 19:26:18 UTC 2005

More blends...

* hellbilly

1989 "Elvis Hitler" (album title) Hellbilly.

1989 _Austin American-Statesman_ 16 Mar. D4 (Factiva) Agony Column, from
Austin, calls its music "hellbilly"; the group had an LP set for release
on Passport last year before that label went under.

1991 _Los Angeles Daily News_ 13 Nov. L9 (Factiva) Cady then turns his
hellbilly sex appeal on Leigh and, more effectively, 15-year-old Danielle
Bowden (Juliette Lewis), whose every hormone has been screaming for a guy
who'll tell her her parents are creeps.

1995 _Rocky Mountain News_ (Denver, CO) 10 Feb. 20D (Factiva) So when my
roommate, the promoter of their typically raging hellbilly workout at a
local club, mentioned we were having a party with free beer, they made a
house call.

* honky-punk

1994 _Machine Screw 12/5 at Electric Lounge_ in _austin.music_ 6 Dec.,
(Usenet newsgroup) How can you be a psychedelic punk? That's Honky Punk,
you hockey puck...

1998 _Washington Post_ 30 Aug. G1 (Factiva) It's a sensibility, at least
as applied to his country subjects, that harks back to the mid-'80s, when
the Mekons were reinventing themselves as a honky-punk band with such
albums as "Fear and Whiskey" and "The Edge of the World."

2000 _Tulsa World_ 2 Mar. 26 (Factiva) What Hank III does in response to
all of this is make music described in his press material as "hard-twang,"
"punkabilly," "cowpunk," "alternacountry," "slacker swing" and

2002 _Houston Chronicle_ 20 May 1 (Factiva) During songs, Adams hopped on
top of stagefront amplifiers to grind out honky-punk and wielded a crutch
like a light-saber to knock down his mike stand.

2003 _Santa Fe New Mexican_ 21 Nov. P14 (Factiva) The instrumental "Down
Yonder" is inspired honky-punk slop.

* rockasilly

1992 _Star-Tribune_ (Minneapolis, MN) 1 Oct. 14A (Factiva) Gill slapped
hands with Cyrus as the latter took the stage to perform "Achy Breaky,"
complete with his swiveling hips and pelvic thrusts, which suggested a
modern-day, rockasilly Elvis Presley.

1996 _Duke Coffeehouse_ in _alt.music.chapel-hill_ (Usenet newsgroup) 23
Mar., "Derek Beans!" also provide more traction than your average beans,
greatly reducing unintentional injuries at your local honkypunk/rockasilly

1999 _Brian Setzer Cybercast tonight! 3/8_ in _alt.music.ska_ (Usenet
newsgroup) 20 May, This neo-swing is mostly rockasilly with a horn

--Ben Zimmer

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