attibution of a quote/exchange

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I've not read the book, but a poster in the thread to which I linked has it
and was the source of my statement.

If you search Proquest for "look almost like a man" you get a 1951 column by
John Crosby who says the same thing and attributes it and other quotes to
the book(although which quotes are in the book are a bit hard to decipher).

My question still remains, if you read that short thread over at the SDMB,
who's telling the truth?  Is it Woollcott or Coward?

Sam Clements
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> On Fri, 7 Oct 2005, Fred Shapiro wrote:
>> Miss Ferber, who was fond of wearing tailored suits, showed up at the
>> [Algonquin] Round Table one afternoon sporting a new suit similar to one
>> No<uml>el Coward was wearing. "You look almost like a man," Coward said
>> as
>> he greeted her. "So," Miss Ferber replied, "do you."
>>         reported in Robert E. Drennan, The Algonquin Wits (1968)
> In posting this I passed over Sam's statement that the anecdote appears in
> Margaret Case Harriman's The Vicious Circle (1951).  Are you sure it
> appeared there, Sam?  I looked at the Harriman book recently and don't
> remember seeing there.  I'll look at the book again.
> Fred Shapiro
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