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>From a search of Google News for "old saying."
What does Fred have for the euphemism "warm bucket of spit"?
 John Garner was called Cactus Jack and often invited  fellow congressmen to 
his office for drinks and poker  A former Speaker of the House he once stated 
taking the  vice presidency was "the worst damn fool mistake I ever made"  He 
served two terms with Roosevelt but declined to run  for a third term and 
encouraged FDR to do the same saying he wouldn't vote for  his own brother for a 
third term  He refused to socialize on the Washington scene and  said the vice 
presidency was an eight to five job, the rest 
of the day was  his  Garner is most noted for saying the vice presidency  
wasn't worth "a warm bucket of spit," although reporters allegedly changed the  
spelling of the last word for print  On his ninety-fifth birthday he received 
_Louis Hillary Park: Prayers answered through service to hurricane  ..._ 
Jupiter Courier  (subscription), FL -  <NOBR>35 minute
By Louis Hillary Park. The old  saying goes that God answers all prayers; 
it's just that sometimes the  answer is "no.". But sometimes ... 
_Proposition 77 would change how voting districts are  drawn_ 
Stockton  Record, CA -  <NOBR>19 ho
... Powerful lawmakers draw themselves La-Z-Boy  districts that, as the old 
saying goes, "a  warm bucket of spit" could win with the right party 
designation.  ... 
_District needs to do a project at a time_ 
Bothell Herald,  United States -   <NOBR>20 
... There is an  old saying that, I believe, kind of applies here: "An error 
on  your part does not constitute an emergency on my part!". 
_Soft Solutions and Intel Partner to Deliver High Performance, Cost  ..._ 
Business Wire (press  release), CA -  <NOBR>12 ho
SAN BRUNO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 7, 2005--Retail is detail as  the 
old saying goes. But, speed and cost of ownership are  ... 
_York County Bar to salute judges Alford, Hayes_ 
Rock Hill Herald, SC -  <NOBR>15  ho
... "There is an old  saying that a bar is only as good as its bench," said 
Harold Staley,  president of the York County Bar Association. ... 
_Marciano's career mark unique but flawed? By Tim Struby; GREAT  ..._ 
SaddoBoxing.com -  <NOBR>Oct 6,
... "There's the old  saying that every athlete dies twice," said Schulian. 
"Once, when he  takes his last breath and the other when he hangs it up.". ... 
_Edit challenged_ 
Daily Mining Gazette, MI -  <NOBR>Oct 6,
... in the criminals. And law or no  law, as the old saying goes, I'd rather 
be judged by 12 jurors  than carried by six pallbearers. 
_The 'fading poetry' of old Lebanese  architecture_ 
Daily Star -  Lebanon, Lebanon -  <NOBR>Oct 
... But the charm of Saleh's text (defying every word of the  old saying, 
"Talking about music is like dancing about  architecture") and the simplicity of 
his ... 
_DeLay Indictment_ 
Harrisonburg Daily News Record, VA -  <NOBR>Sep  2
There is an old saying  that "Politics ain’t beanbag," and House Majority 
Leader Tom DeLay was among the  best at the anti-beanbag activity. ... 
_Crime and Guns—The San Francisco or Sam Colt  Solution_ 
TheRealityCheck.Org, CT -  <NOBR>Oct 3,  
... I wouldn’t recommend  bringing a knife to a gunfight. As the old saying 
goes—God  made men, but Sam Colt made men equal. Michael Nevin Jr. ...  
Vermont Cynic  (subscription), VT -  <NOBR>Sep 27,  
The Japanese have an old  saying that "the dog farthest away will bark the 
loudest." In these  first few weeks, I have heard too much barking in the 
entrance to  ... 

_Third Time’s Not a Charm_ 
National Review Online, NY -  <NOBR>Sep 13,
There’s an old saying in  public relations: If you have something really 
embarrassing to admit in public,  do it on a Friday afternoon. ... 
_Sensex touching 10k is scary_ 
Economic Times, India -  <NOBR>Sep 19,
... There’s an old  saying on Wall Street: “When a bull appears on a 
magazine cover, sell  your stocks and head for the hills”. ... 
_Paul Robey retires_ 
Needham Times, MA -  <NOBR>Sep 14,
... For Paul epitomized the  old saying, "Find a job that you love, and 
you'll never have to  work a day in your life.". However, Paul Robey did the job 
for no money.  ... 
_Familiar face back in Lynn_ 
The Daily Item of Lynn, MA -  <NOBR>Sep 14,
... There's an old  saying 'Pray, pay and obey,' but once you start talking 
with people, it's  often possible to get over that cultural gap," said Joyce. 
_Thomas: Katrina's heartache brought out media's  best_ 
commercialappeal.com  (subscription), TN -  <NOBR>Sep 1
... require accountability. It's an old saying,  but, post-Katrina, the media 
afflicted the comfortable and comforted the  afflicted. To ... 
_On Catholic Political Philosophy (Part 2)_ 
Zenit News Agency, Italy -   <NOBR>Sep
... Q: If theology  provides the answers to the questions political 
philosophy raises, then is the  old saying true that philosophy is the handmaiden of 
theology?  ... 
_A passion becomes a business_ (http://www.denverpost.com/food/ci_3043984) 
Denver Post, CO -  <NOBR>Sep 21,
... important ingredient. "There's an  old saying that the shortest distance 
from vine to wine makes the  best product," Fiore said. "So ... 
_Managing the rebuilding effort._ 
WEBCommentary -  <NOBR>Sep 18,
... To paraphrase an old  saying: "If carpenters built houses the way 
bureaucracies manage  programs, every structure ever built would come crashing to the 
ground at  ... 
_Pat Robertson: Judge Roberts Can "Be Thankful That A Tragedy Has  ..._ 
Huffington  Post, NY -  <NOBR>Sep 
... It is destroying 'life on earth' and soon. Can't keep taking  for profit 
and giving NOTHING back. There's an old saying that one  doesn't 'sh&t where 
they eat'. ... 
_Spirituality goes to jail_ 
Dubbo Daily Liberal, Australia -  <NOBR>Sep 14,
There's an old saying that  there's many a Christian born in the jailhouse, 
but Father Carl Mackander is not  at all fazed by this kind of cynicism, 
preferring ... 
_On HS Football with Javier Becerra_ 
Corpus Christi Caller Times, TX -   <NOBR>Sep
... "There's an  old saying - run to win, throw to score," coach Jimmy Thomas 
said.  "My belief is that you have to have a strong running game to win. ... 
_Savvy slogan leads to suit_ 
Seattle Times, United States -  <NOBR>Sep 4,
... look the other way. There's that  old saying among traveling salesmen: 
"What happens on the road  stays on the road.". And the one ... 

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