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1. An act of moving or wheeling out; spec. the official rolling out of a new aeroplane or spacecraft. Also attrib. 

1957 Britannica Bk. of Year 512/1 Rollout, the rolling of an aeroplane from the production line. 

"New Type of Jet Heavy Bomber" Chicago Daily Tribune; Apr 6, 1952; pg. 9 col 3.

"Following a precedent set when the first model of the Boeing B-52 heavy bomber appeared in the open, the air force took the only available picture of the B-60 after its rollout from the Consolidated-Vultee Aircraft corporation's plant in Fort Worth, Tex., and asked that the public and the press take no others."

"Unusual Secrecy Surrounding New Jet Bomber" (AP, Nov 17) Montana | Helena | The Independent Record | 1951-11-18 p. 1 col 8.

"In contrast to the publicity usually accompanying "rollout" of a new model from the factory for ground tests, a Boeing spokesman said these restrictions will apply to the XB-52"

2. The part of a landing during which an aircraft travels along the runway losing speed. 

1959 IRE Trans. Aeronaut. & Navig. Electronics VI. 59/1 The objective..was to develop a full instrument-landing system which included touchdown and rollout. 

"SKYWAYS" MARVIN MILES Los Angeles Times; Aug 19, 1956; pg. C16 col 4.

"The Douglas A3D Skywarrior, twin-jet, swept-wing carrier attack bomber, is the latest plane fitted with a parachute brake to reduce landing rollout."

3. Amer. Football. A play in which a quarterback moves away from his protective blockers before attempting to pass. Also attrib. 

1959 Washington Post 8 Nov. C6/4 A series of quarter~back roll-outs. 

"Huskies Topple Van Nuys Varsity from Undefeated Ranks."

California | Van Nuys | The Van Nuys News | 1951-11-12 p. 2-B col 4.

"The Huskies crunched out 59 yards in 13 plays with McElvain mixing up his calls cleverly and the smooth-working redhead scoring the touch from the Wolf one on a rollout around right end that fooled the secondary."

"JEFF RALLIES FOR WIN OVER ARTISANS" JOHN DE LA VEGA Los Angeles Times; Oct 25, 1952; pg. B2 col 4.

"Reynaldo Alvarado went 58 in the first period, Bernard Bruce skipped 45 in the second and Doug Bradley ended the scoring in the fourth with a 67-yard dash on a quarterback rollout."

"Bears Meet Bucks Before TV Audience" JIM SCOTT Los Angeles Times ; Sep 30, 1953; pg. C3 col 1.

"And in evidence a couple of times was their lethal new weapon of the future. This is a rollout by Qb Paul Larson on which he bolts around end after faking a pass."

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