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    b. Exactly, precisely, not exceeding the stated value: used of
amounts, distances, and the like. orig. U.S.

1909 WEBSTER 827/3 Flat,..Without excess; exactly; due;used chiefly of
numbers or quantities; as, to run a hundred yards in ten seconds flat.

"Madge's Little Game." ROBERT DUNCAN.
Forest and Stream; A Journal of Outdoor Life, Travel, Nature Study,
Shooting,...Oct 27, 1881; Vol. 17, No. 13.; APS Online pg. 257 col 1.
"Some people are seeking consolation in the fact that the sloop Wave,
about a third larger than the cutter, made such a close race with Madge
at Newport, being beaten "only" two minutes flat."

Chicago Daily; Sep 26, 1891; pg. 8 col 3.
"Gus Steele, W. H. Kane, C. A. Pratt, and A. M. Lymand were his
competitors.  Gus Steele was second, A. M. Lymand third.  Time,
forty-four seconds flat."

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