"scribe" = ancient author

Douglas G. Wilson douglas at NB.NET
Thu Oct 13 02:00:38 UTC 2005

>"The myth of the Amazons, a tribe of bloodthirsty blond women thundering
>across arid battlefields to the horror of their male foes, has lingered
>for centuries. Their exploits seized the imagination of the Greek scribes
>Homer, Hippocrates, and Herodotus."
>The writer, perhaps partly under the influence of sports reporting, seems
>to regard "scribe" as a klassy word for "ancient author."
>This could be force-fitted into OED 7a, "Used (more or less playfully)
>for: One who writes or is in the habit of writing; an author;..."  But I
>see nothing "playful" here.

Is there even any reason to believe that Homer was able to write at all?

I know little about him myself. (^_^)

-- Doug Wilson

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