Defeated On Arrival (DOA); Preyground

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Fri Oct 14 00:31:50 UTC 2005

PREYGROUND--15,600 Google hits

_GOP pols eye Mike coattails_
New York Daily News, NY -   <NO
... 8 that could  have a coattail effect for their uphill candidacies. The
four are running  in districts where Republicans aren't DOA - Defeated on
Arrival. ...

PREYGROUND--This was in today's AM NEW YORK. The "preyground" is a cyber
chat room ("playground") where middle aged people "prey" on youngsters. I  don't
know if the term is established beyond headlines such as these.
DEFEATED ON ARRIVAL (DOA)--This was used in today's Daily News to refer to
Republicans in most New York City districts. The writer of the piece hasn't
been  kind to me--just like almost everybody, my entire life it  seems.

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