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>Has anyone heard any *new* book-author jokes ?  (_The Da  Vinci Code_
doesn't count.)

The Cream of the Russian Army (or "The Cream of our Muscovite Team") by  Ivan
Surgery Self-Taught by Lance Boyles

In Congress they play a similar game, matching up supposed sponsors for
legislation, e.g. "The Bible-Church Act".  A man whose surname was "Bottom"  got
elected to the House, and immediately Senator Norris Cotton offered to
co-sponsor with him the "Cotton-Bottom Act" and not to be outdone Senator George
Aiken proposed the "Aiken-Bottom Act".

Two classics from the Nixon administration:

Senators Russell Long of Louisiana, Hiram Fong of Hawaii, and William (?)
Spong of Virginia (?) teamed up on legislation dealing with record piracy in the
 Far East:
                the  Long-Fong-Spong Hong Kong Song Act

(WARNING: you are showing your age if you understand the  following)
The same three Senators were also responsible for a bill mandating that all
church bells in the Far East be rung in honor of the victory of the US Table
Tennis team:
                the Long-Fong-Spong Hong Kong Ping Pong Ding Dong

Aside to Wilson Gray: being of African ancestry, you are of course familiar
with a large "gray" animal with tails on both ends, the subject of so many
irrelevant jokes.

           - Jim  Landau

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