UBC graffiti (1969)

Wilson Gray hwgray at GMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 17 02:14:36 UTC 2005

Geez, Larry! You are absolutely merciless! ;-) But that does remind me
of another one. Unfortunately, I'm no longer sure how the joke went,
but it was something like this.

In the men's room, a couple of guys are standing side-by-side taking a
leak. One speaks.

You're a member of Congregation Beth Israel.

Why, yes! But how'd you know?!

Rabbi Milstein is the mohel there. He always cuts left and you're
pissing on my right foot.

(Yes, I realize that it takes a certain suspension of disbelief or,
failing that, complete ignorance. Either the mohel was a total
incompetent or he was a total butcher.)


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> >Yeah, I know what you mean, Jim. It reminds me of a summer job that I
> >once held, back in the day, performing circumcisions on elephants at
> >the St. Louis Zoo. Needless to say, the salary was only minimum-wage,
> >but the tips were HUGE!.
> >--
> Heh heh.
> You probably didn't know what you were getting into when you took
> that job, but as Confucius say, ignorance is bris.
> Larry

-Wilson Gray

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