Jump off the cliff

neil neil at TYPOG.CO.UK
Tue Oct 18 10:26:24 UTC 2005

>From Elmore Leonard's 'Be Cool', Viking, 1999, 92:

Daryl Holmes said to his wife Michelle, "I wouldn't mind jumping off the
cliff. How about you?" They were in bed for the night, a lamp still on.

Michelle said, "I wouldn't mind."

"You wouldn't *mind*?"

"That's how *you* said it. You want a push, fine. Only I don't fall, I get

"As a string of firecrackers. We only got what, a couple of months?"

"Doctor said you can do it as long as it isn't uncomfortable. Right up to
near term."

-- Is 'jump off the cliff' a recognised expression for copulation, or
copulation with a pregnant female? It's new to me. Any other cites?
Neil Crawford

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