Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Tue Oct 18 18:30:55 UTC 2005

At 2:02 PM -0400 10/18/05, Wilson Gray wrote:
>True, Mark, but I wasn't quoting speech. It's from a sentence in a
>Web-published analysis of Microsoft's attempts to confidence the state
>of Massachusetts into accepting Microsoft's standard as the state's
>"open" standard for future software development.

Right, but presumably whoever wrote the sentence had stored "cast
dispersions (on)" rather than "cast aspersions (on)" as the
lexicalized form of the expression (or prefab, as Bolinger would call
it) based on his or her earlier mishearing/reanalysis.


>On 10/18/05, Mark A. Mandel <mamandel at> wrote:
>>  ---------------------- Information from the mail header
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>>  Wilson writ:
>>  >>>
>>  "Microsoft's position ... cast _dispersions_ on the fairness and
>>  objectivity of a  ... state government's process."
>>  <<<
>>  Easy mis-hearing.
>>  m a m
>-Wilson Gray

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