Youston and the Yumanities [Was Re: Local pronunciations]

Rachel E. Shuttlesworth rshuttle at BAMA.UA.EDU
Tue Oct 25 23:11:45 UTC 2005

Quoting Wilson Gray <hwgray at GMAIL.COM>:
> FWIW, my wife, who's from Northeast PA, shares some  pronunciations
> with my mother
> YEW st at n  YEW b at t ?^mpfrI / YEW b at rt ?^mpfri  YEW (= Hugh  hue)
> etc.

Last year, I was part of a fellowship program with the lengthy
title, "Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Scholarly Information Resources for
Humanists." One of the administrators of the program is a native of
Philadelphia (PA, not MS) and called us "yumanists", since we
study "yumanities." Another of the fellows was from Pittsburgh and did
not have this pronunciation. BTW, the Philadelphian thought my "Alabama
drawl" was quite humorous.
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