Cheipzegar Cheese

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Fri Oct 28 12:24:05 UTC 2005

From:    George Thompson <george.thompson at NYU.EDU>

> Here is a food term Barry hasn't hunted down yet.

>         Just received, from Switzerland, a quantity of Cheipzegar
> Cheese, of superior quality.  Also on hand, Parmesan Cheese, English
> Wiltshire of fine quality, and a fine assortment from Barlow's American
> Dairy. . . .  [Stephen A. Rich, 145 Broadway]
>         N Y National Advocate, April 5, 1825, p. 2, col. 5

> What "Cheipzegar" would sound like when spoken has not escaped my
> notice.  But this is from a cheese-monger's ad -- can he have been
> imposed upon by some hoaxer?  Doesn't seem likely.

I get the digest, so someone may already have responded, but i think
that this is most likely a reference to Schabzieger cheese (a.k.a. Sap
Sago, or green cheese, as in what the moon's made out of).

It's one of the very, very few traditional cheeses made of skim
milk--it's fat-free, and flavored with fenugreek. Probably an acquired
taste, but a rather delightful one once you've acquired it.

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