Broheem/Broheim=friend, fellow, etc.

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Mon Oct 31 18:38:14 UTC 2005

And now another candidate--"broham"

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> We have another one going over at the Straight Dope Message Board.
> The original question concerns the use of the word broheem(sp?) as used in
> "A History of Violence," the 2005 movie.
> The word 'seems' to be pronounced that way, but seems to be spelled most
> often as "broheim."
> Most of the contributors to the board can only offer that they have heard
> the word used recently(5 years), but in post #25, it is alleged to have
> been
> heard in the early 1980's in Northern California and pronounced as
> "bro-hyme."
> Anyone heard the word pronounced?  How long ago?
> Sam Clements

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