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Sat Apr 8 18:56:12 UTC 2006

Hey, I grew up in Akron, where the real Akronisms (okay, I fiddled with the
C and left out the Y) thrive. We all had devilstrips in front of our houses.
Now that's a real Akronism.

--Roger Shuy

 Agents' 'Acronyisms' Still Remain In Online Age
> Real Estate Lingo Can Vary by Region
> By Michele Derus
> Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
> Saturday, April 8, 2006; Page F32
> Welcome to America's world of real estate marketing, where term limits
> prevail.
> U, L and M stand for upper, lower and main -- the levels of a house.
> BICC is built-in china cabinet, BIBC is built-in bookcase and FPLC is
> fireplace.
> "Acronyisms" is what Joan T. Seramur, president of Williams Realty in
> Minocqua, Wis., calls them. Often shorter than simple acronyms, these
> pithy snippets pepper "for sale" listings and advertising.
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> --Ben Zimmer
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