"The time to repair a leaky roof is when the sun is shining" (FDR, not JFK)

Mark A. Mandel mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU
Mon Apr 10 14:22:21 UTC 2006

Charles Doyle cites:
[...] Burton Stevenson's Home Book of
Proverbs [etc.] (1948: 866), which gives as a Chinese
proverb "Thatch your roof before the rain begins" and, from
the Latin of Mencious (c300 B.C.), "Dig your well before you
are thirsty"-- along with English analogs (from the 17th and
18th centuries) about procuring a cloak before the rain
starts falling.

Mencius (no "o"; the usual Latinized form of Mengzi or Meng-tze) wrote in
classical Chinese, not Latin.

-- Mark A. Mandel
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