"Tipping is not a city in China" (1955?)

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If the 1955 date is wrong, then consider the movie "Mad Dog and Glory"
(I don't know the date, but there is a joke about Macintosh computers so
it has to be after 1984) in which (several times) there is the gag line
"My wife thinks cooking and fucking are cities in China."

Tipping, of course, is not a city in China---it's in Taiwan.

        - Jim Landau

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> _Passport Hong Kong_
> (http://books.google.com/books?ie=3DISO-8859-1&vid=3DISBN1885073313&id
> =3DnjN=Q_dojWaYC&pg=3DPA85&lpg=3DPA85&dq=3D"not+a+city+in+china"&sig=3
> DjVhdtt4--o8iYPekpGfUelcDCrE) by Andrew Grzeskowiak - Travel - 1955 -
> 96 pages Page 85  - A Note on Tipping Some American restaurants and
> cafes have clever little  signs by the cash register that read
> 'Tipping is not a city in China.

This is one of the many misdatings on Google Book Search. Copyright for
this book is 1996.

--Ben Zimmer

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