spaz and Tiger Woods

FRITZ JUENGLING juengling_fritz at SALKEIZ.K12.OR.US
Thu Apr 13 22:15:21 UTC 2006

All right, I couldn't just leave this alone, so I asked several of my classes as to their understanding of the word 'spaz.'  Without exception, the kids said it meant some sort of hyperactivity, which is how I understand it.  Only one kid said it had anything to do with incompetence, but then only as a result of hyperactivity.  Most of them just gave me incredulous looks when I suggested that it might have something to do with incompetence.  Either this word has had a different meaning in Oregon for many, many years, or it has undergone a major shift in meaning.  The odd thing is that I fit in with my students (which is rarely the case) as opposed to my colleagues on the ADS-L.

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