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BLACK TAX--17,400 Google hits
"Black tax" is not in the OED.
I decided the parking ticket of a black woman today. After I announced my  
decision, she said it was OK, it was just another "black tax." I said, no, it  
was a fire hydrant ticket.
"Black tax" has been in increasing circulation since about the 1960s and  
1970s. It seems to have gained steam since about 1999.
_Liberated from his cotton fields, an artist is  reborn_ 
The News  Journal, DE -  <NOBR>Apr 
... Now he has finished the series of 12 paintings and has plans  to start a 
new series called "Black Tax," inspired by his recent  reading of "Negrophobia 
and ... 
After the holiday job ended in December 2005, Saunders kept painting. Now he  
has finished the series of 12 paintings and has plans to start a new series  
called "Black Tax," inspired by his recent reading of "Negrophobia and  
Reasonable Racism: The Hidden Costs of Being Black in America," (New York  
University Press, 2000) by Jody David Armour, and Ralph Ellison's 1952 classic,  
"Invisible Man." 
_The Lamentable, the Laughable and the Lovable: Cabin in the Sky  ..._ 
Brooklyn  Rail, NY -  <NOBR>Mar 1
... Kenya faces daily the overwhelming pressure of the  “black tax.” As a 
black professional she is under more scrutiny  and has to work doubly hard to 
get half ... 
'Black tax' -- the tithe that binds
By Jody Armour, JODY ARMOUR is a professor at USC School  of Law.
November 20, 2005 
The black tax is the price blacks (and other minorities)  pay in our daily 
lives because of racial stereotypes. Like a tax, racial  discrimination is 
persistent, pervasive and seemingly inevitable — as in  "Nothing in life is certain 
save death and taxes." And just as the state  collects general taxes, blacks 
often regard state representatives such as police  and judges as IRS agents 
for the black tax.

But while tax regimes are  typically either regressive (falling mainly on the 
poor) or progressive (falling  mainly on the privileged), the black tax falls 
on both as indifferently as rain.  

It falls on poor minorities in the redlining — charging higher prices —  in 
their neighborhoods by services ranging from banking to pizza delivery; in  
the greater exposure to environmental toxins, and in the greater concentration  
of crumbling schools and hospitals. 

The black tax also falls on  privileged minorities — those who parlay 
diplomas, athletic ability or big box  office into impressive portfolios, "desirable" 
ZIP Codes and pricey schools — in  the profiling that their pedigrees won't 
ward off. Neither my Harvard and  Berkeley degrees nor chaired law school 
professorship gained me a tax exemption.  The face of crime for most Americans is 

_Racist Car Dealers (was Re: Good Quote)_ 
... Journal article of about three months past, an editorial on the  "black 
tax." Well,
let me just tell you two stories from that  first-person account that stand 
(  - Jul 27 1992, 11:53 am by Arthur Johnson - 87 
messages - 39  authors 
_WILPF: Program & Legislative Actions Dec/Jan  1994_ 
... reconstruction. The  People's Institute for Economics estimates that the
"Black tax  rebate" is now equal to about $43,209 per person. ...    
(  - Dec 13 1994, 6:41 pm by Rich Winkel - 1 message - 1  
_America Behind The Color Line: Dialogues with African  Americans_ 
by Henry Louis Gates -  Current Events - 2004 - 464 pages
Page 88 - But if you go through that  maze, once again it's the black tax. If 
you can't
figure out the  black tax, then you have a different dialogue. ...
_Atonement and Forgiveness: A New Model for Black  Reparations_ 
by Roy L Brooks -  Social Science - 2004 - 325 pages
Page 14 - After paying millions of  dollars in “black tax” refunds, the IRS 
brought lawsuits
against  accountants who were preparing these returns. ...
_Racialised Barriers: The Black  Experience in the United States and England 
in the 1980s_ 
by Stephen Small - Biography & Autobiography  - 1994 - 247 pages
Page 218 - 3 The ‘Black Tax'  refers to the idea that successful Blacks 
should contribute in
money or in  kind to helping less successful Black people; they should pay a  
_Places of Their Own: African American Suburbanization in  the Twentieth 
by Andrew  Wiese - 2004 - 411 pages
Page 8 - ... accommodations after  midcentury, residential segregation, with 
its associated  “black
tax,” remained a predominant feature in cities as well  as suburbs. ...
_Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected  Readings_ 
edited by Eileen  O'Brien, Joseph F Healey - Social Science - 2003 - 392 pages
Page 15 -  ... psyches of American blacks” as a “black tax,” “the tribute 
to  white society
that must be paid in self-effacement and swallowed pride”  (Walton 1996:7). 
_When Sorry Isn't Enough: The Controversy Over Apologies and  Reparations for 
Human Injustice_ 
by Roy L. Brooks - Social Science - 1999 - 416  pages
Page 342 - A number of African Americans have filed  “Black Tax” claims with 
the Internal
Revenue Service,  following a suggestion made by LG Sherrod in a 1993 article 
_Police Brutality: An Anthology_ 
by Nelson, Jill (Ed.) - Political Science - 2001  - 320 pages
Page 183 - It was another example of what we called the  “Black tax,” the 
extra tax we paid
on the police force for being  Black. We were the last to get good ...
_Franchising: Realities and Remedies_ 
by Ronald K. Gardner, Harold Brown, J. Michael  Dady, Jeffery S. Haff - 1981 
- 2 pages
Page 6-57 - Such minorities  recount that their ghetto operations are subject 
to the
so-called  “black tax.” The tax covers their extra cost of dealing with  
criminals and ...\
_Home Mortgage Dixclosure Act of 1975, Hearings Before  ...,94: 1- ...._ 
by United  States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Banking and Currency -  1975
Page 561 - ... and similar credit devices as a  “black tax”. As summarized 
by one study  ...
_National Neighborhood Policy Act: Hearing Before the  Subcommittee on 
Housing and Community..._ 
by Currency and Housing. Subcommittee on Housing and Community  Development 
United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking - 1976 - 351  pages
Page 148 - ... that accompanies disinvestment doubly  victimized minorities, 
and these abuses
are so pronounced that such lending  devices are known as “the Black Tax. ...
_The Economics and Politics of Choice No-Fault  Insurance_ 
edited by Edward L Jr  Lascher, Michael R Powers - Business & Economics - 
2001 - 360  pages
Page 242 - Since inner cities are disproportionately poor and  non-white, 
some critics have
described the problem as a “black tax” or  a “poor tax. ...
_Regional and Urban Economics_ 
edited by Richard Arnott - Business &  Economics - 1997 - 1223 pages
Page 1138 - It might, perhaps, begin  with the analysis of the Black/White 
differentials in
real incomes, the  so-called ‘Black tax', analyzing not only who suffers from 
_Racial Discrimination in Federally Assisted Education  Programs. 
Hearing...88-1....August 12, 1963_ 
by United States. Congress. House. Education and Labor - 1963 - 75  pages
Page 56 - Negroes pay a "black tax" in higher rents,  higher interest rates, 
higher insur-ance
rates, and premium prices for  overpriced properties as they enlarge the ...
_Ethnic Peace in the American City: Building Community in  Los Angeles and 
by Edward  Chang, Jeannette Diaz-Veizades - Social Science - 1999 - 209  pages
Page 17 - ... in poor neighborhoods often have to pay a  “black tax,” that 
is, higher insurance
and mortgage interest rates,  abusive police, and lower-quality schools. ...

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