Australian zoo relabels "fairy penguins" in an excess of PC

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"Mark A. Mandel" <mamandel at LDC.UPENN.EDU> wrote:  Penguins lose 'fairy' tag
From: The Sunday Mail (Qld)
By Hannah Davies

April 16, 2006

THEME park bosses have re-named their colony of fairy penguins amid fears
they could upset the gay community.

Managers at Sea World, on the Gold Coast, are now calling the species
"little penguins" in case associations with the word "fairy" offend visitors
to the park.

"We didn't have any complaints about the name of the penguins, but someone
thought they could be seen as offensive so we decided to change it to little
penguin instead," a Sea World spokeswoman said. "We just didn't want to
upset the gay community. The new name is more politically correct."

However, Queensland's gay community and other zoos which keep fairy penguins
described the name change as ridiculous and unnecessary.


full story:,10117,18823845-1248,00.html

-- Mark A. Mandel

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