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Mon Apr 17 04:29:15 UTC 2006

My friend Bonny Slotnick (Bonny Slotnick Cookbooks) was on NPR's "All  Things 
Considered" on Sunday. Listen to it.
Also on "All Things Considered" was "joggling." OED has the word "joggle,"  
but perhaps should update it.
'Joggling' Adds Spice to Sport of Running

_All Things  Considered_ 
( , April 16, 2006 ยท Michal  Kapral and Zach Warren are elite 
marathoners. But they don't just run; they  juggle, too. The official term is call 
"joggling." Host Debbie Elliott talks  with the two competitors about technique, 
training and going head-to-head for  the first time in Monday's Boston Marathon.

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