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Thu Apr 20 14:14:58 UTC 2006

At 6:57 AM -0400 4/20/06, Geoff Nathan wrote:
>Automatic digest processor wrote:
>>>>Muffin tops (1992)
>>>>Bapopik at AOL.COM
>>>>Wed, 19 Apr 2006 23:54:46 EDT
>>>>I was looking at the website for Angel's Bakery in Brooklyn, and they sell
>>>>all kinds of "muffin tops." We all know the recent slang of
>>>>"muffin top" (that
>>>>layer of fat right above your jeans), but these are actual muffin
>>>>tops, sold
>>>>at  a bakery.
>>>>How long have bakeries sold "muffin tops" as opposed to muffins? Should I
>>>>add it to my website as a NYC product?
>Bakeries have been selling 'muffin tops' for a number of years, but
>don't always call them that.  At least five or six years ago the St.
>Louis Bread Company (now national, and called Panera) was selling
>'muffies', but would happily explain that they were just the tops of
>muffins, or 'muffin tops'.  Everybody knows the tops are the
>best--that's why we save them for last.
Well, maybe so--but the characteristic genius of Seinfeld-- as Ben posted--lay
not in coming up with the "muffin top" concept, but coming up with
the "muffin stump" designation for the undesirable complement.


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