Muffin tops (1992)

Brenda Lester alphatwin2002 at YAHOO.COM
Thu Apr 20 15:35:45 UTC 2006

My son and his friends have replaced "muffin top" with "souffle."

Benjamin Zimmer <bgzimmer at BABEL.LING.UPENN.EDU> wrote:  On 4/19/06, Bapopik at  wrote:
> I was looking at the website for Angel's Bakery in Brooklyn, and they sell
> all kinds of "muffin tops." We all know the recent slang of "muffin top" (that
> layer of fat right above your jeans), but these are actual muffin tops, sold
> at  a bakery.
> ...
> How long have bakeries sold "muffin tops" as opposed to muffins?

Inspired by the "Seinfeld" episode, no doubt?

--Ben Zimmer

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