Q: "marching carlislie"?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Thu Apr 20 22:33:29 UTC 2006

What does "marc[h]ing carlislie" mean in 1655 in the following/

Now all our Armie did folow this Irish man, and marcing carlislie,
they hauing a very strong pursumption in them that thayer innimie
durst not face them, but all thay thoght they had to doue wose to
March into the Cittie thar to inhabit.

Wild-carding led me to "carlish":  OED has "Of or pertaining to a
carl or carls; churlish, clownish, vulgar, coarse; rude, mean."  Thus
"carlislie" = "carlishly"  -- clownishly, careless of the dangers?

But perhaps merely "carelessly"!  My writer was careless of final e's
with long a's; for example, he wrote "which wee mad pris of" [which
we made prize of] and "whar they sate in Councill" [where they sat in council].


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