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>Ms. MATALIN: Well, the White House and the Hill is conscious of their
>reality. This is a very polarized country right now. There are a number
>of seats that are unfortuitously competitive because of retirements.
>There's--the Democrats have--have done a good job in recruiting. They
>have not done a good job in preparing any sort of policies or an agenda.
>They don't have any vision. So what this comes down to in the fall, as
>in all elections, are a choice--and we have to make our--the choice of
>voting for us very clear and the catastrophic consequences of voting for
>a Democrat.>>
No doubt Ms M would have acquitted herself better in writing, but even so,
this is an amazing collection of boo-boos.  Isn't PR her thing?  I'd have
expected her to be more articulate, live, than this.

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