Australian zoo relabels "fairy penguins" in an excess of PC

George Thompson george.thompson at NYU.EDU
Mon Apr 24 21:05:48 UTC 2006

From: "Joel S. Berson":
> Wasn't "Night Life of the Gods" read by all horny NYC male teenagers?

I would hope so.  It was in print in paperback in the 50s, when I read
it, but there was a more or less popular TV show on the "Topper" plot on
the air then, keeping Smith's memory green.  Was the book available to
teens in the 70s or 80?  My son read it in the 80s, when he was 12 or
13, because I turned him on to Thorne Smith as an appropriate upgrade
from Walter R. Brooks (the
"Freddy the Pig" stories), his and my favorite of our younger years.


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