Oreo cookie

Landau, James James.Landau at NGC.COM
Tue Apr 25 13:57:55 UTC 2006

Sunday night on TV I saw a Nabisco commercial for Oreo cookies that starred a pair of African-Americans.

1) the Nabisco ad-writers that naïve?  Or
2) is Nabisco deliberately being politically incorrect?  (the show was West Wing!)  Or
3) is Nabisco trying to subtly introduce their new version of the Oreo, which has vanilla cookies on the outside and a chocolate cream filling? Or
4) am I the only white who recognizes the politically-charged second meaning of "Oreo Cookie" (which is in MWCD10 dated as 1969)?

    - Jim Landau

"White people have no souls"  - Baron Munchausen

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