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There is a discussion of direct and indirect questions in the following

Burling, Robbins. 1973. /English in black and white/.  New York: Holt,
Rinehart and Winston, Inc.

One of the earlier, 1980's editions of Akmajan et al.'s /Introduction to
linguistics/ discusses the construction too, but too theoretically in my
opinion. I can't double-check this now, as I am writing from abroad,
from my hotel room.


Arnold M. Zwicky wrote:

> from a very old friend:
> I am currently teaching physics at ... a historically (and pretty
> much actually) African-American college, in ... Birmingham, Alabama.
> Some of my students use "What that is?" in asking questions.  Has
> this been studied?  Is it regional, hip-prestige, or what?
> -----
> any leads?
> i have asked him if he hears only this one formula, or more things of
> the same form, like "What your name is?"
> arnold
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