The (holy) cow: Bossie or Bessie?

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Sun Apr 30 14:23:50 UTC 2006

At 8:39 AM -0400 4/28/06, hpst at wrote:
>By the way if you ever want to refine your roping skills get yourself a pet
>goat and practice on that because it is damned near impossible to rope one
>which reminds me of the time some idiot astrologer once declared that
>Cleveland, Ohio was a Capricorn since it like a goat was stolid. This was a
>person who had obviously never owned a goat.
>Page Stephens

Maybe this was a person who thought "stolid" was a synonym of
"stubborn", which is something goats are known to be, along with
being...well, capricious.  Whether Cleveland is similarly stubborn
and capricious I can't rightly say.


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