novel = nonfiction

Dave Wilton dave at WILTON.NET
Tue Jul 4 21:33:58 UTC 2006

>(Not to be construed as a slur on the book, /Blackhawk Down/, which I
>haven't read)
>There is something called "creative non-fiction" to be found in the
>publishing world these days.  Has a pretty sinister sound to those of us
>concerned with history & current events, but it does rather invite the term
>"novel", doesn't it?

I don't think "Blackhawk Down" (which I have not read either) can be
classified as "creative non-fiction." The author, Mark Bowden, was (is?) a
reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer and the book is based on the articles
he wrote for that paper. The book is clearly non-fiction, with no modifiers.

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