"Cock" = rooster

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OED expresses no doubt that the word has indeed denoted the organ since at least 1618.

  HDAS, based on a re-examination of long-available evidence, expresses no doubt that the same denotation existed as early as the mid-15th C. This claim is based partly on the content of the "Gentil Cok" and partly on the prior existence of synonymous "pilcock."

  Trivia bonus for cultural analysis:  There was a short-lived _Playboy_ imitation in the early '70's called _Coq_.  The cover of the debut issue featured a scantily-clad female model staring at a bottle of Coca-Cola. Discuss issues of intertextuality, translinguistic symbolism, phallocentricity, cultural transgressionism, self-referentiality, lookism, product placement.


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Not to flog a dead dolphin here, but let me reiterate:

The question was not whether a male chicken
SYMBOLIZES "sexuality" (in many instances, literary,
subliterary, and iconographic, it obviously has). Rather it
was whether 'penis' was a denotative meaing of the
WORD "cock" at certain points in history--a very different
(though obviously not unrelated) matter.


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>Alison writes:
>On the Cock thread, no-one who has ever kept chickens could
be in any doubt about the appropriateness of considering a
cock to be a symbol of sexuality. Roosters whole existence
seems to be wholly given over to strutting, bragging and
chasing hens.]
>Not to mention abusing them. When a rooster is through with
a hen, he will strike her with his spurs, if she doesn't get
out of his way quickly enough.

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