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Chris Waigl chris at LASCRIBE.NET
Wed Jul 5 13:27:57 UTC 2006

Bapopik at AOL.COM:

> I'll try to do this post without "..." between paragraphs (after this
> one)=20
> to see if things are mangled as usual.

It is. The solution to this is to turn off quoted-printable formatting.
Just sending your posts as 8-bit (i.e. as they were made) should be fine.
Otherwise, it's (still) the result of the mailing list software's
selective stripping from meaningful header lines.

> ...
> The Google results are really poor. If I type in "barrypopik" and
> "smoothie=
> "=20
> my site should pop up first. It doesn't. I'm last for my own  material.
> Ahea=
> d=20
> of my website is something called a "swicki."
> =20
> I've noticed that some of my entries are chopped up and put on other
> sites.=20=
> =20
> For example, if I search for "called the big apple" on Google blogs, I get
> =20
> chopped up search results from "blog" or "admin." Who does this garbage,
> and=
>  =20
> why? And why does Google value it more than my site?

This is actually quite interesting. I hadn't come across swickis yet.
Asking around, the general opinion is that the swicki service is at the
moment, I quote, "buzz-worthy". Google tends to temporarily privilege
sites that are much talked about. This is usually a transient effect.

Chris Waigl

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