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Ron, what you say reminds of something that I read in an article on
fashion in LIFE magazine, back in the '50's, in the days of the
"poodle cut" hair style. It was, sadly, the years of my adolescence.
Yves St. Laurent, IIRC, was quoted as having said, "Women should look
like small, European boys."(!) And lo! so they did.

Today's male adolescents simply have no idea how lucky they are.


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> Maybe some guys in the fashion industry are more attracted to boys than to
> girls?
> In a message dated 7/7/06 10:44:15 AM, sod at LOUISIANA.EDU writes:
> > Forget the currency of the term (which does have legs here in
> > Louisiana), I'm wondering who in the world believes that the fashion
> > industry creates clothing for the "classic hour-glass figure."
> > AFAICT, clothing for young women is ALL cut as if they were young
> > men: no hips, no waist, and practically no breasts. It's no wonder
> > many are hanging out!
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> > sally
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