Is it just me or ...

Brenda Lester alphatwin2002 at YAHOO.COM
Fri Jul 7 19:41:08 UTC 2006

I LOVE "mash" because it's funny, but  "delete out," on the other hand, drives me crazy.

Charles Doyle <cdoyle at UGA.EDU> wrote:
  And we still say, telephonically, "pick up" and "hang up."

As for the instruction to "dial" an extension, the preferable verb would be, naturally, the Southernism "mash."


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>Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2006 13:28:24 -0400
>From: "Mark A. Mandel"
>Subject: Re: Is it just me or ...
> What about the phone menus that instruct you to "dial" an extension?
>What about them? As far as I'm concerned, that verb long ago lost any connection with rotary phones, clocks, sundials, or Latin "dialis" 'day (adjective)' "dies" 'day'. What would you prefer? "Enter"? "Key" as
in "keypad"?
>-- Mark (qui marque son numéro en français)

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