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I tried to get further contextual info from the inquirer, but Yahoo kept bouncing my e-mail back to me as undeliverable.


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On Jul 6, 2006, at 8:21 AM, i wrote:

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>> Message 2: Meaning of 'Bobonkt'
>> Date: 02-Jul-2006
>> From: Carlota Smith
>> Subject: Meaning of 'Bobonkt'
>> ... I went to get some bobonkt
>> so it's apparently a mass noun.
> ...as in all such cases, you'd hope that the surrounding context
> (not given here) might give a bit of the clue.

the context might also make it clear whether "bobonkt" is in fact a
mass noun, or whether it's a verb form (a past participle with the
ending spellled -t). "some" here could be a NP object on its own,
meaning 'some X(s)', with the nature of X specified in earlier
context; the example could be parallel to something like:

I had several broken watches. I went to get some fixed.


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