"giant steps"/ "may-I"

Beverly Flanigan flanigan at OHIO.EDU
Sat Jul 8 04:30:03 UTC 2006

Is this the same game we called "Captain, may I?"  Weren't there giant
steps and baby steps and other options I can't recall?

At 10:39 PM 7/7/2006, you wrote:
>Neither of these is in OED, though both name for the children's game were
>current in NYC in the mid '50s.  "Giant steps" should be included because
>Neil Armstrong's words from the Moon alluded to it.
>   1926 _Elementary School Journal_ (Feb.) XXVI 427: A group of children
> were playing a game of "May-I" in connection with their language work.
>   1953 Douglas Wallop _Night Light_ (N.Y.: Norton) 67: I want to play
> Giant Steps. I'm having fun.
>   JL
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