fortunes of war...golden chain

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Thanks, chaps. I know it from seeing it in print, but God knows where (it's not in the _Oxford Book of War Poetry_, e.g.).  I am familiar with Kennedy's anthology, so maybe it was there..

  Did I mention that the epigram seems to make but a single appearance on the Net?
  That suggests to me, anyway, that it's very hard to find in print.


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Quoting Charles Doyle :
> But I DID find it, finally--in an unassuming location. Years (and
> years) ago, I was teaching a freshman English course, using X. J.
> Kennedy's anthology Literature: An Introduction, 2d ed. (1979) as the
> basic textbook; the epigram in question appears on page 504, with the
> skimpy information "Anonymous (English) . . . (1854-56)." Where
> Kennedy, a careful scholar (as well as a fine poet himself), got the
> poem, with such a precise dating, I do not know.

Perhaps it was dated as written during the Crimean War (1854-6).

Stephen Goranson

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