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Jan Kammert write at SCN.ORG
Sat Jul 8 20:51:22 UTC 2006

This group has often helped me with my teaching in the past.  I'm hoping
for some ideas from you now.

I am going to teach a middle school reading class in the fall.  I have
never taught reading before, and I only vaguely remember the university
class I took on teaching reading over 20 years ago.  (I hope lots of new
information on the topic has become available in the last two decades.)

In the last five years, I've read about a dozen books on teaching reading
to adolescents and attended a couple conferences.  I'd like a helpful
listserv specifically geared to teaching reading to adolescents.

The fall class is likely to have students who are completely unable to
read.  The strongest readers will probably be reading at a second or third
grade level.  Some of them will have decoding problems and some will have
comprehension problems.  If you have any thoughts, please send them to me
off list.  I don't want to take up space here on something that is off

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