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I hate it when I don't check my spellings.

"Cheese" instead of "Chese"

Jamaica, etc.

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Well, kinda.

_The KIngston Jamica Freeman_  24 Feb. 1923

>>The game fast throughout, with first one in the lead and then the other.
>>"Chese" Burger, former star forward on the varsity, held the whistle, and
>>allowed a fast contest.<<

"Cheese" Burger was the referee.  The fact that a person with a last name of
"Burger" could have the nickname "Cheese" would probably indicate that the
term was well known by that point.  I can't think of anything other than a
hamburger with cheese on it as an explanation.

Sam Clements, who is correcting Wikipedia this afternoon on their
hamburger/cheeseburger pages, in preparation for the Akron, Ohio Hamburger
Festival next month.

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