hamburger on a bun-1912?

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Sun Jul 9 17:24:58 UTC 2006

Sorry if I seem to be taking up more than my share of the boards currently.  This will probably end when the stupid Hamburger Festival in Akron in over next month.  

>From N'archive-- _'The Decatur Review_  2 May 1912.  page 5

>>Frank Lakaff, the ex-restaurant keeper from Rock Island, is billed to pitch theis afternoon's game for the Commodores against the Bloomers.  Frank spent the past winter shooting hot hamburgers across the counter in his place of business which, he declares, has put him in shape for the coming season.  'I'll hand em each a bun with a pickle in it" remarked Lakaff.<<

Does this mean that hamburgers on buns were around by 1912?  Many websites say invented in 1916 by the (true) originator of White Castle(uck!), J. Walter Anderson.

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