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My memory is that hamburger steak sandwiches were sold as a novelty item at a 
World's Fair in the 1890s, but I am away from my books and can't check this.

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> Sorry if I seem to be taking up more than my share of the boards 
> currently.  This will probably end when the stupid Hamburger Festival in Akron in over 
> next month. 
> From N'archive-- _'The Decatur Review_  2 May 1912.  page 5
> >>Frank Lakaff, the ex-restaurant keeper from Rock Island, is billed to 
> pitch theis afternoon's game for the Commodores against the Bloomers.  Frank 
> spent the past winter shooting hot hamburgers across the counter in his place of 
> business which, he declares, has put him in shape for the coming season.  
> 'I'll hand em each a bun with a pickle in it" remarked Lakaff.<<
> Does this mean that hamburgers on buns were around by 1912?  Many websites 
> say invented in 1916 by the (true) originator of White Castle(uck!), J. Walter 
> Anderson.
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