chicken/beef/bacon/steak/nut-burgers (Perelman, 1934)

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> "Strictly from Hunger III -- In Which Our Hollywood Man, with Horrible
> Accuracy, Describes the Local Beaneries and the Plushnick Studio", by
> S.J. Perelman
> _Life_, Nov. 1934, p. 17/1 [HNP Doc ID 777355802]
> "Well, let me see," pondered my waitress. "We have hamburgers,
> chickenburgers, beefburgers, baconburgers, steakburgers. .... Why
> don't you try one of our specials -- a nutburger?"
> "...?" I murmured faintly.
> "Hamburger with chopped nuts," she offered helpfully. "Double ball of
> vanilla on the side."
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Slightly earlier "nutburger" revulsion:

Reno Evening Gazette, June 5, 1934, p. 4/3
"New York Day by Day" by O.O. McIntyre
Los Angeles, June 5. ... A waiter captain today asked Irvin Cobb if he
would have a nut-sprinkled hamburger called "nutburger." Reflecting a
moment, he replied wearily he would not but they might bring him
oysters with whipped cream.

--Ben Zimmer

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