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OED has 1994 for "golden goal," but Wiki seems to have 1992. The Times  
(London) is digitized, so maybe someone can check?
Golden goal
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The golden goal was a method used in _football (soccer)_ 
(   to decide the result of games in elimination 
matches which end in a draw after  the end of ordinary time (90 minutes). Its 
public origins can be traced to a  letter published in the _Times_ 
(  newspaper in _London_ 
(  on _April 16_ ( , _1992_ 
(  [_citation needed_ 
( ].  Two halves of fifteen-minute _extra time_ 
(  are played. If any  team scores a 
goal during extra time, that team becomes the winner and the game  ends at once. 
The winning goal is known as the "golden goal." An equivalent  phrase used in 
North American sports terminology, particularly in _professional football_ 
(  and _ice  hockey_ 
( , is "_sudden death_ 
( ." 
If there are no goals after both extra time periods, a _penalty  shootout_ 
(  decides the game. 
If the teams are still tied after a penalty shootout then the game goes to  
sudden-death penalties, where each team takes one penalty each, until only one  
team scores, resulting in winning the game. The term golden goal was  
introduced by _FIFA_ (  in  1993 along with the 
rule change because "sudden death" was perceived to have  negative connotations. 
The golden goal was not compulsory, and individual  competitions using extra 
time could choose whether to apply it during extra  time. The first _European  
Football Championship_ 
(  played with the rule was in 1996; the first _World  Cup_ 
(  played with the rule was in 1998. 
golden goal, n. 
1. An ultimate or much-longed-for aim or result (freq. one  involving the 
accumulation of wealth).  
1831  C. I. JOHNSTONE  Lives & Voy. Drake, Cavendish, & Dampier (1864) iii. 
88 When the wind  slackened [the ship] was towed on by the boats, each man 
straining to reach the golden goal. 1844  Southern Lit. Messenger 10 246/1 Some 
soul Who seeks, with trust in truth, Fame's golden goal. 1897  E. HODGES  Cabots 
& Discov. Amer. 19  They had not found the golden goal of Cathay. 1942  
Sociometry 5 p. xxxviii,  Universal predictive Universal predthe golden goal of all 
natural science. 1978  Forbes (Nexis) 3 Apr. 79 The golden goal in the 
business is  to make money on underwriting alone. 1996  Pentimenta Winter 5/2 My  
family..did not want to be perceived by the world as different. Sameness was the 
 golden goal that fueled all  their interactions.
2.  Sport (orig. and esp. Association Football).    a. A particularly 
outstanding or memorable goal.
Now rare, due the  predominance of sense 2c.  
1957  J. MILBURN  Golden Goals i. 16 It was to  prove counsel which brought 
me golden goals at Wembley. 1986  Times 26 May 26/8 John  Barnes..destined 
always to be remembered for his golden goal in Brazil two years ago. 1997  People 
(Electronic ed.) 27 Apr., The West Indian wizard hit the golden goal that 
sealed the Super Reds' place in the  big time. Danny Wilson's boys were clinging 
on to a narrow one-goal lead..then  supersub Marcelle hit the jackpot.
b.  Brit. At certain Association Football grounds: a type of lottery won by  
spectators holding tickets printed with the time (usually in minutes and  
seconds) elapsed between the kick-off and the first goal (or occas. the first by  
the home team). Usu. attrib., in golden goal lottery, ticket.   
1976  A. NICKOLDS & S. HEY ‘Foul’ Bk.  Football I. 85/2 At the interval, the 
time of Liverpool's first goal is announced.  This is part of the ‘Golden  
Goal Ticket’ ceremony. 1991  Daily Tel. (Nexis) 4 Dec. 38 The  PA announcer had 
suggested just before the kick-off that ‘spot the ball’ tickets  would be 
more appropriate than the ‘golden goal’ lottery. 1993  Sunday Times (Nexis) 12 
Dec.,  The Golden  Goal, where you bought a ticket for 10p as you entered and 
if your  ticket had the exact time of the first goal on it you won £50. 1998  
Northern Echo (Electronic ed.) 17 Nov., The League chairman's golden goal 
ticket was  90.
c.  In some competitions: a goal scored during extra time, which ends the 
match and  gives victory to the scoring side; the method of deciding drawn games 
which  involves playing for such a goal.
First introduced into international Association Football in the  European 
championships of 1996.  
1994  Daily Mirror (Nexis) 19 July 31  FIFA general secretary Sepp Blatter 
said yesterday that a system  of sudden-death would be introduced in extra-time, 
with a FIFAthe ‘golden goal’ending the match. 1994  Times (Nexis) 1 Dec.,  
Huddersfield Town made a little bit of football history when they  became the 
first team to win a cup-tie with a ‘golden goal’ in sudden-death extra time. 
1996  Independent 19 Aug. S20/6 Ali Raza,  Pakistan's full back, made hockey 
history in the final of the Volvo Masters Four  Nations Junior Tournament in 
Vught when he scored hockey's first ‘golden’ goal nine minutes into  extra time. 
2000  Tuam (Co. Galway) Herald & Western  Advertiser 8 July 25/4 It is a bit 
like the ‘golden goal’ but it was very  tough on the [golf] team.

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