Espresso (1919)

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Another "espresso," for Italy.
ARTHUR ROSENBURG. The Living Age (1897-1941). Boston: Jun 28, 1919. Vol. 14,  
Iss. 3912; p. 803 (5 pages) 
Pg. 805:
After a few weeks under the cloudless skies of Rome, where the bright  
January sunshine gilds the yellow marble palaces and bestows its genial warmth  upon 
the crowds that circulate through the Corso to the Piazza Colonna and the  
Piazza del Popolo, or sitting in the open in front of the cafes sipping their  
coffee _espresso_ or their glass of vermouth, the icy estrangement melts.
[It. caffè espresso, lit. ‘pressed-out  coffee’.]   
Coffee made under steam pressure; the  apparatus used for making this; a 
coffee-bar where it is sold. Also  attrib.  
1945  ‘A. BOUCHER’ in  M. & G. Gordon Pride of Felons (1964) 80, I was 
drinking a  caffé espresso, a strong, bitter, steamed coffee. 


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