Dine & Dash (1987), or Chew & Screw

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DINE AND DASH--65,000 Google hits
CHEW AND SCREW--192 Google hits
There's an article on "dine and dash" in the Sunday NY Daily News, Sunday
Now, pg. 34. Neither "dine and dash" nor "chew and screw" is in the HDAS.
_Food-loving scammers are hitting up New York_
New York Daily News, NY -  <NOBR>19  ho
By PASCALE Le DRAOULEC. Several times a  month, Bolivar Arias, a dining-room
manager at Havana Central in Times Square,  nips a "dine and dash" in the bud.


A dine and dash (also referred to in some quarters as "Chew and  Screw") is a
form of _theft_ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theft)  where a patron eats at
a _restaurant_ (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restaurant)   and then leaves
without paying.
_Roadside Prophets_
... among  others. "FREE FOOD FOR EVERYONE!" Cusack was great as the serial
dine  and dash guy. Hope that wasn'ta spoiler...nah. ALso ...
(http://groups.google.com/group/alt.cult-movies?lnk=sg&hl=en)  - Feb  14 1994, 7:12 pm by Brian Boroimhe - 5 messages - 5 authors
_Anime Dream #91_
... special  going. :) It's especially a dream if you think they wouldn't do
a  dine-and-dash. :) You mean a 'chew and screw'? (I'm just  ...
(http://groups.google.com/group/rec.arts.anime.misc?lnk=sg&hl=en)  -  Dec 22 1998, 4:04 am by James A. Wolf - 12 messages - 10
_Front  Page 1 -- No Title_
By TRISH HALL. New York Times (1857-Current file). New York, N.Y.: Jul 31,
1987. p. A1 (2 pages)
Pg. B10:


Some  customers walk away without paying. "I call it dine and dash," said
Allen  Barcelon, assistant manager of the Riviera, which has a busy, blocklong
cafe in  Greenwich Village. At least every three days, he said, a customer walks
away  from the outdoor cafe without paying th check. Once a week a passer-by
picks up  money meant for the restaurant. Customers, too, must be beware. "I
chased a  purse snatcher on my second week here," he said. "If it's not on your
lap,  they'll take it."

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