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Mon Jul 10 19:18:30 UTC 2006

> The diary clearly says "bobonkt" but it may be a misspelling: the
> writer was a
> 14-year-old girl in the northern hills of Arkansas, near Batesville
> (not in the
> West as I mistakenly said in my earlier posting). People also asked about the
> context, which is this: "I felt like talking a walk, so I walked to Mrs
> Maxwell's to get some bobonkt."

I agree with those who suggest that yet more context information (or an
image of
the page) may be needed to read this since a word bobonkt apparently does not
exist. What are her spelling and handwriting and abbreviation (and code?)
habits? Does she drink bourbon? Feed birds? Eat African dishes? Walk other
times? Mention Mrs Maxwell again? In addition to the transcription question is
word separation. "to get some bobo" allegedly appears in take one of a Beatles
song--obviously anachronistic, but perhaps illustrative of other possible
readings even if to get some bobo nkt is unlikely in this case. Another
WAG: to
have her hair cut or done up in a bob fashion.

Stephen Goranson

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