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Aha...consider two phenomena intersecting: the use of NG to represent
nasalization of a preceding vowel in borrowings from French, and final
devoicing in Appalachian English. That would leave just the "t" to
account for.

Seán Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Supposing that Mrs. Maxwell does run a general store and remembering that 14
> is not too old to be interested in candy, I suggest "bonbons".
> [H'mm.  I see the MS Office spell-checker also suggests "bonbon", plus
> bobbinet(s), "bayonet", and (why not?) "books".]
> Seán Fitzpatrick
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> "Mrs. Maxwell's" sounds like a store, probably a general store.  And what
> could a 14-year old girl in Arkansas possibly want at a general store before
> going for a walk? Maybe something for what she might encounter along the
> way.  Say, birds. So (my WAG for the day): How about something (bird food?)
> in connection with the bobolink (a type of bird)?
> Gerald Cohen
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