Tyme machines into the future

Scot LaFaive spiderrmonkey at HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Jul 12 13:29:48 UTC 2006

I have been curious lately of the how widespread the use of "tyme machine" (pronounced "time") is, as referring to ATM machines. Being from Wisconsin (particularly west central WI), many ATMs have the Tyme logo on them, though I think it is a type of ATM card and not a type of machine. I've googled "tyme" as a card and it seems mainly located in WI (though I could be wrong). I know in west central WI "tyme machine" is a very common name for an ATM and I think it is also common throughout much of WI and maybe Minnesota. I've used the term out on the east coast of the U.S. and got some strange looks, so obviously it isn't common everywhere. Anyone have any ideas?
Scot LaFaive
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