Tyme machines into the future

James Callan james.callan at COMCAST.NET
Wed Jul 12 17:58:29 UTC 2006

> TYME was the name of the ATM I used in Milwaukee 1982-84. I recall
> that it was an acronym (pace the discussion over THAT term! :-))--but
> I don't remember what it stood for.

I grew up in Wisconsin -- the Fox Valley until I was 10 -- and remember calling all ATMs "time machines" until moving to Milwaukee and seeing more brands there than in Neenah. This was long before I had my own debit card, of course; I just got to watch my parents use the magic money machines.

And as I recall, TYME stood for "take your money everywhere," which seems to be backed up online: http://www.stands4.com/bs.asp?st=TYME&SE=1

James Callan

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