Pansy & Pushover (1928)

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Is the slang term, "palooka," older than the comic strip, Joe Palooka?


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> "Pansy" and "pushover," for possible OED use.
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>  Charleston Gazette, TheSunday, November 11, 1928 Charleston, West Virginia
> EFFEMINATE man on Broadway is called "a PANSY." AND a wife is called a "hang Hoover can satisfy as President all who claim government help AND favors-all factions AND well as he did Can It be possible It will only mean a day when banks AND other public buildings
> Pg. 6, col. 3:
> An effeminate man on Broadway is called "a pansy." And a wife is called a "hang nail."
> (...)
> He (the late Jack Conway--ed.) coined such words as "palooka," "clicked," "belly laughs," "that's a lotta baloney," "that's the pay off," "high hats" and "pushover."
> (O. O. McIntyre column -- ed.)
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